Vision C is a beautiful, simple and modern SCADA built for today's industry
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Key features:
  • Data monitoring and acquisition of any parameters
  • Supports User defined Modbus, AIBUS and lot many protocols coming soon
  • One time setup
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Error detection
  • Device type selection
  • Unlimited tags
  • Encrypted data recording
  • Filters and sort capability
  • CSV and PDF report generation
  • Report printing
  • Upto 3 hours of online trend
  • Graphical representation of historical data
  • Different graphical styles
  • PNG and PDF conversion of history graph
  • Printing of history graph
  • User level control
  • Name and ID of devices for ease of recognition
  • Regular updates according to tech. trends
Clean. Simple. Powerful.
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Hardware and Software requirements:
  •  Windows 10/8.1/8
  •  6 GB RAM
  •  Adobe Acrobat